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Novachrom is an Atlanta-based digital design & consulting agency. We leverage the internet to help you grow and make a difference.

Modern WordPress Websites

Redefine the face and heart of your web presence.

Industry-leading WordPress Websites serve as the face and heart of your online presence – providing beauty, usability, and web interconnectivity for visitors, and reliability, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness for you.

Blue Ridge Radiation Oncology

Along with a clean, modern WordPress website, we have created a rich, ever-evolving resource for patient education, featuring in-depth cancer and treatment material and simple medical illustrations as they relate to BRRO’s perspective on cancer treatment.

Responsive WordPress website

50+ page patient education resource

Time on site average >8 minutes

The world is
OUR oyster.

Atlanta based. Globally,
socially driven.

A few of our recent projects

Recent Projects

Responsive WordPress Websites

Changing web technology drives how we connect & communicate.

Novachrom-developed WordPress websites facilitate a positive online experience that makes an impact—for your staff, colleagues, and customers alike.

  • WordPress technology
    Harness the leading open-source website and blogging CMS including custom themes, plugins, the latest features, and WPEngine hosting
  • Modern, clean, responsive design
    Attract and impress visitors with intuitive user interface design for all devices – large-screen, desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Meaningful content & photography
    Educate, connect emotionally, and build trust with your audience
  • Built to drive conversion goals
    Guide website visitors towards marketing sections to drive conversion goals, and integrate with online marketing tools and campaigns

SEO, Social, & Online Marketing

We create powerful, evolving web systems – websites, blogs and online marketing campaigns – that modernize and grow organizations.

Our conversion-based programs harness the power of search engines, social media, and analytics tools to identify relevant traffic—people looking for services like yours—and bring your audience directly to you.

  • Search engine optimization
    Get found by your target audience searching by keywords
  • Custom, dynamic marketing mix
    Establish a broader web presence with social media, PPC, and reviews capturing
  • Content marketing
    Become an authority figure on what you do by increasing breadth, depth, and reach of your informative content
  • Lead & conversion tracking
    Target and track all sales inquiry channels – phone calls, form submissions, emails, and social media inquiries
  • Key metrics reporting
    Know the status, progress, and return on investment at all times

A Web Design & Consulting Agency

leveraging the internet to help you grow.

Our complete web service toolkit to
help you grow & make a difference

We cultivate long-term partnerships through gradually increasing successful investments and a mutual desire to utilize the web to grow and help others.


Understanding is essential.  We appreciate learning your goals and ideas while sharing our expertise and teaching tough web concepts.  Then, together we decide how best to utilize web services and investment.

  • Strategy & Recommendations
  • Education of Web Concepts
  • Research of Web Tools & Services
  • Audits of Existing Website & Web Presence
  • People, Planet, Profit


Design should be clean, clear, usable, and beautiful. By simplifying and organizing complex web content, users understand what they see, find what they need, and enjoy the experience on any device.

  • Custom Responsive Web Design
  • Web & Mobile Application Design
  • User Interface Prototyping
  • Usability & User Experience
  • Information Design


We don’t re-invent wheels; we combine leading web technologies and resources with custom in-house software, all integrated, customized, and positioned to easily evolve with your organization.

  • WordPress CMS + Upgrades
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Web Integrations
  • WooCommerce
  • Web & Mobile Applications

Content & Education

Content is the primary medium to resonate with visitors. We conduct thorough field research to create a comprehensive educational resource that conveys your knowledge and expertise.

  • Research
  • Mapping & Outlining
  • Copywriting & Production
  • Publishing & Dissemination
  • Educational Content Marketing with SEO


Our creative team mixes originally produced art with shared web art to complement the written word. The best art educates and resonates, delivers substance and style, and shows a lens inside your organization.

  • Curation + Custom Creation
  • Graphs, Charts, & Tables
  • Graphics & Illustrations
  • Photography
  • Videography


Science in all fields has blossomed due to online collaboration.  Our science experts scour credible science resources to find the most important information relevant to the needs of your audience.

  • Soft & Hard Science Research
  • Data & Statistics
  • Copywriting & Art
  • Health Industry Experienced
  • All Industries Encouraged

Marketing & Web Presence

Your organization’s brand is unique. We create a multi-pronged web outreach for your niche audience – those that would benefit most from your offerings. We market, measure, report, optimize, and grow your organization.

  • Organic Search (SEO)
  • Content Marketing with SEO
  • Local SEO & Maps
  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media Management (SMM)
  • Reputation Management
  • Online Advertising

Tracking & Optimization

We utilize detailed analytics to understand user behavior at every level of websites and marketing campaigns. We provide key metrics and valuable insights, and never stop optimizing.

  • Website Analytics
  • Inquiries, Leads, & Conversions
  • Engagement & Retention
  • Progress & Key Metrics Reporting
  • Design & Usability A | B Split Testing
  • Website Performance

Support & Maintenance

Lasting sustainability takes ongoing care and attention. We do everything to ensure that your organization continually grows, evolves, and stays ahead in the fluid, ever-changing web technology landscape.

  • Hosting, Domains, & Security
  • Website Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Training for DIYs
  • Updates & Improvement Plans

Project Areas

We welcome all industries! But our focus is on using technology to create a more sustainable world as it applies to individuals, communities, countries, and the environment. So whether you are aiming directly at this with your project, or you’re trying to improve a legacy system, we want to help!

  • Science & Technology
  • Food & Health
  • Education
  • Minimalism & Sustainability
  • Clean Energy & Environment
  • Art, Culture, & Travel
  • Law & Politics
  • DIY &  Entrepreneurship
  • OECD & Social Progress Imperative


Your brand is your guarantee – your values, philosophy, expertise, and reputation. Our job is to make sure your brand is clear and consistent throughout your website and online presence.

  • Specialty, Expertise, & Differentiators
  • Philosophy, Mission, & Social Impact
  • Brand Positioning
  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Brand Standards Guidelines

Features and benefits

Leading WordPress Technology

WordPress is not just a CMS; It's a proven, fully-functional, cutting-edge, flexible website and web marketing platform.


Crowd and critic-rated WP themes help to balance beautiful design and the latest features, and a see what you get approach, all while having tremendous customization and reduced costs.

Designed & Accessible for All Devices

More than 50% of all internet users are using mobile/tablet devices. Google now puts mobile-friendly websites at the top of search results. Our websites are designed for all devices - large-screen, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.


We integrate seamlessly with online marketing campaigns, leveraging powerful analytics and marketing tools to complete the process - reach, attract, sell, measure/improve.


The WordPress platform enables us to easily add and categorize content that can help educate, market, and sell to your target demographics.

Powerful Communication Tools

We utilize communication tools such as blogs, e-mail newsletters, and social media that make it easy to attract new users and customers, engage them to gain interest.

Compelling ART & CONTENT

Our seasoned creative team delivers both substance and style, delivering exceptional content, graphic design, photography, and videography to help your organization impress, inform, and connect with users.


We train and support some DIYers, but in most cases it's best that we manage all maintenance and content updates for quality assurance.

Top-Notch WPEngine Hosting

Investment in hosting is too-often overlooked; We believe it's important to buy quality - stellar website performance, security, daily backups, and hosting support.


SEO, Social, & Online Marketing

Get Qualified Leads.

Over 60% U.S. adults searched and researched the web prior to making a new business relationship last year, more than half of which formalized the relationship.

Search engines are the portal to the web. Our online marketing campaigns – primarily Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click campaigns – make your website available to a lot more people.

But more traffic doesn’t necessarily mean better business. Through sophisticated keyword research, competitive analysis, and demographic targeting, we make sure to generate qualified traffic: relevant visits from people who need your services.

We monitor website behavior and lead-routing with new technologies like call-tracking and recording to make sure every inquiry, especially new hot leads, are tracked and serviced properly.

We oversee all online activities with integrated analytics tools and provide regular reports of key data.

Monthly Visitor Traffic – SERO – 1 Year SEO-Based Content Marketing Plan
  • Traffic

Compelling content

Making a strong impression is good. Forging an emotional connection is better.

Our seasoned creative team delivers both substance and style, delivering exceptional content, photography, graphic design, and videography to help your organization impress, inform, and connect with users.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Modern Medical Website Design

We build cutting-edge, personalized, fully-featured healthcare websites.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Modern Medical Website Design

We build cutting-edge, personalized, fully-featured healthcare websites.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Modern Medical Website Design

We build cutting-edge, personalized, fully-featured healthcare websites.

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