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All about WordPress. WordPress started as an open source blogging system in 2003, and has evolved in to a robust website development and management platform for small to medium sized organizations. For clients, it has an exceptionally intuitive administration and content editing interface – if you can edit a word document, then you can edit the “What you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) web page editor. To repeat from the overview page, the main benefits are: Structure and Layout Flexibilty, Client Editing and Control Access, and Systematic Advancement – in summary, it’s easy to use, flexible in almost any way you can think, and is the leader in small business CMS website technology, both in advancement and reputation.

Custom designs are easy to design for WordPress, but for the economical shopper, there are hundreds of beautiful pre-designed themes for small businesses, non-profits, e-stores, magazines, blogs, design and photography portfolios, and much more.

WordPress comes with a solid search engine optimization (SEO) package out of the box.

Advanced Plugins
WordPress Add-Ons.

WordPress has limitless flexibility and add-on potential – including product galleries, blogs, video feeds, social media links / sharing, and much more.

  • Blogs | News Feed
  • Product Directory
  • Project Portfolio
  • Photo | Video Galleries
  • Home Page Slideshows
  • Email Newsletter Signup integrated with Constant Contact
  • Social Sharing | Following
  • Contact Forms | Surveys
  • Paypal | Google Checkout
  • Ecommerce | Shopping Cart
  • Basic SEO