WordPress Landing Pages

High End Landing Pages for $500

Includes the Following:
  • Fast 5 day turnaround assuming prompt feedback and some content provision from client
  • Beautiful Design
  • Custom Header Graphic
  • Custom Matching Background
  • Multiple Call-to-Actions (CTAs) for phone and form (in header and in middle/bottom of page)
  • Sales Points / Enticing Headlines
  • Short Form
  • Content Related Photos
  • Work Photos (if applicable)
  • Testimonials and other Reputation points (if applicable)
  • Location / Google Map (if applicable)
  • Domain is “landingpage.yourdomain.com”, i.e. “foreclosures.golfandseahomes.com”
  • SEO -extra $250 for SEO targeted keywords embedded in 2 paragraphs of content
  • Cheap Hosting at $4/month

Need a Landing Page?

Novachrom is an Atlanta based web development company that also creates high quality custom landing pages for niche marketing campaigns with a heavy focus on conversions – a conversion is usually a phone call or an online form submission. These simple landing pages continually reinforce conversion goals to drive more business to you. Other conversion based landing pages can include email signups or online purchases.

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