Who we are. We are a small and adaptable team of problem solvers who strive to fully utilize the power of web technologies, whether as tools or consumer-based solutions.

What we solve. Most problems have already been partially solved by various technologies, but the landscape is ever-changing.  The core of our abilities revolves around:
  • mastering the technologies
  • understanding how they work together
  • staying ahead of the curve on their evolution
  • building custom parts where existing technologies leave gaps
  • simplifying technologies into solutions that clients and end customers can easily use and understand

What we build. We develop and manage custom websites and web solutions using content management systems (CMS), along with proponent services such as Social Media and Search Engine Optimization.

Who we serve.
  • Small businesses looking to overhaul their website and web presence
  • Medium to large businesses who need customized web solutions

Our Standards.
  • Clarity & Transparency – Want to know how something works?  Just ask.  Through all parts of the process – contracts, specifications, development – unless otherwise instructed, we explain everything behind the scenes.  It’s imperative that everyone be on the same page, especially with complex technologies.  When a client requests something that is not in their best interest, we explain why and look for alternatives.
  • Simplicity – Although technology is complex, using and explaining it doesn’t have to be. There will be a few advanced concepts that a customer should know to make the appropriate decisions.  Other than that we break things down into simple concepts.  As for the solutions, we hate it when we run across cumbersome tools, so we take a lot of pride in producing the simplest of possible solutions.
  • Value is Everything  – Value is the key driver in consumer choice, especially on the internet. When consumers do not get the value they desire they can easily go elsewhere.  We want our solutions to bring strong value to our clients AND their customers.  And when our clients insist on creating their own content, we make sure they fully understand the importance of value.